Search Engine Optimization

We can achieve localized marketing

We’re able to market to a local audience in your county, city, and zip code so that actual nearby customers find your inventory.

It serves no purpose for a customer hundreds of miles away to find your site. We don’t waste time with fancy keywords that only include the makes and models of cars you have to sell. If that’s all that’s done, then your website will be lost in the myriad of other dealerships already advertising on the internet. More over, Google has now placed a greater emphasis on local-focused results, which means displaying search results to the customer for services in their area is of higher importance.

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SEO Keywords

Keywords used include

The first 100 words
Near me
For sale in
For sale near
Your image filenames
Meta descriptions
Your page URLs
Your subheaders
Your title tags
Image alt text
Internal links
Content and area specific

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